• A 5 course Nordic menu

    This year Young Nordic Jazz Comets event was held this weekend. For the first time this was not a competition, but a common Nordic showcase for young musicians. The weekend saw both a Nordic jam night at Børneteateret (Children's Theatre) and five different concerts in a well-packed JazzHouse.



  • Artturi Rönkä Quartet

    Artturi Rönkä Quartet was chosen to represent Finland at this year's
    Young Nordic Jazz Comets band competition in Copenhagen. The Finnish
    YNJC jury described the quartet's performance and expression as
    "strong and dynamic" and their interaction as "natural and immersive".
    Keeping the jazz traditions close by, the band plays pianist-composer
    Rönkä's compositions. In spite of the musicians' age (they're all born
    in 1990!), the ensemble has stuck together for some years now, and it
    can be heard as seamless communication. This is a glimpse in the

  • Pek representing Faroe Islands

    Pek is a Faroese quartet. The music is composed by Heðin Ziska Davidsen. It features a thick, super sonic boomblast echo delay guitar, minimalistic and groovy, and Konni's hypnotizing vocals over a miracle drum and bass foundation.

  • Swedish band Cosmics Sounds to YNJC

    From Gothenburg Sweden comes this young band that’s eager to create something different. From the foundation in jazz and improvisation to inspiration from other genres, they search for the new and undiscovered in order to make their own sound.

    From the band’s very beginning they have had a mutual musical understanding which has grown and developed into a playful way of making songs that has an original sound.

  • Moskus ready to represent Norway

    Pianist Anja Lauvdal, bass player Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson and drummer Hans Hulbækmo are all in their early twenties, and have been part of the creative milieu in the Jazz Department of the Trondheim Conservatory of Music. Anja and Hans have already made a name for themselves as part of the critically acclaimed rock bands Your Headlights are On and The Avalanche/Snøskred. In 2011 Moskus was the first jazz band to win Grappa Record Company’s annual “Debut Artist Award”.

  • Andromeda wins Danish Young Jazz competition

    Galactic trio wins Danish jazz competition

  • What's new?

    The Young Nordic Jazz Comets' website has now been updated. But what's new on this site?